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In Waitan, we understand that everyone is different. Here, everyone has the opportunity to find their show platform. We focus on personal achievement and also pay attention to the team's success. Here you can enjoy your work, you can get a sense of accomplishment, as long as you are willing to make efforts.

If you have the required knowledge and experience in the field of storage SSD, flash memory industry, IT network management and information storage, telecommunications, finance, aerospace, industrial PC management, etc., and are interested in joining an experienced entrepreneurial team of professionals, please send your resume to We look forward to you joining!

Application Engineer

- Familiar with the SSD field and the application of flash memory, SSD & flash drives
- Familiar with basic testing tools such as ATTO, IOMETER, HDBench and Crystal
- Proficient in storage product related knowledge such as FLASH, SSD and SSD controller
- More than 3 years related work experience with FLASH, SSD and SSD controller
- Work closely with the sales team to design the products customers required
- Good communication, negotiation, coordination and public relations capacity
- Good data collection and analysis ability, strong logical thinking
- Willing to travel frequently to provide on-site technical support

Production Senior Manager

- At least five years management experiences of storage products production 
- Proficient in the R&D, production management and process control of SSD product
- Master the production status and timely solve the possible problems in the production
- Analysis and optimization of production, ensuring high-quality, high efficiency and low cost to complete the production plan;
- Good management innovation capability, familiar with 8S management, ISO QA  process
- Familiar with production, quality, equipment, storage and process management;
- Excellent leadership, communication and implementation skills;
- Able to work under pressure. 
Welcome to apply for the above positions. Please send your resume to

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