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Waitan Releases Military Grade Secure Erase Suite For SSDs


November 15, 2014. Waitan released SSD military grade Secure Erase Suite, including fast data cleanup function based on software, firmware, and hybrid software and hardware, and hardware based one-key self-destroy disk purge function. These are essential to Data Privacy and Data Security, especially for military grade Secure Erase, Enterprise secure data erase and disk disposal for solid state drives.


In a regular SSD, deleting a file only removes its name from the directory or file table while the User's data remains; even reformatting the SSD leaves data intact. Waitan's military grade secure erase suite use various technologies to overwrite or destroy all user data in allocated blocks and file tables, as well as data in reallocated defective blocks. After processing with military grade secure erase technologies, the SSD is just like a brand new disk, can be safely disposed of or transferred.

The Military Grade Secure Erase Suite supports a variety of solid state drive interfaces such as SATA, IDE, PCIe, CF, SAS, ZIF and industrial USB. In addition, it also supports various types of industrial and military standards for data sanitation including: 

•       Erase all blocks to "0" (fast erase)
•       NSA/CSS 9-12
•       NSA/CSS 130-2
•       DoD 5220 22-M NISPOM
•       DoD 5220 22-M NISPOM, Sup 1
•       NISPOMSUP Chap 8, Sect. 8-501
•       Air Force AFSSI 5020
•       Navy NAVSO P-5239-26
•       Army AR 380-19
•       RCC-TG IRIG 106-07
•       CSEC ITSG-06
•       HMG IS5
•       AG-ISM 2012
•       BSI/VSITR
•       Gutmann method
•       Customized fill

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