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Wolrd's First 1.8" microSATA SSD Ejector
August 5, 2015. Waitan's patent pending 1.8' microSATA ejector which are perfectly to mount 1.8" microSATA SSD or HDD drives on compact computer motherboards for rugged laptops, embedded computers and single board computers.

Waitan Launches 2TB Industrial Grade
October 26, 2014. Waitan launched WaveHunter Series LT-V Solid State Drive - with capacity up to 2TB, the read / write speeds up to 510MB / s, offered with both 2.5" SATA and 3.5" SATA form factors. The product has optimized design for the RAID configuration, coupled with up to 24-bit built-in ECC which enhances the accuracy and reliability of the data processing and storage. WaveHunter Series LT-V SSD will enhance and optimize the overall performance of industrial and enterprise servers and workstations ...

 Waitan Releases Military Grade Secure Erase Suite For SSDs
November 15, 2014. Waitan released SSD military grade Secure Erase Suite, including fast data cleanup function based on software, firmware, and hybrid software and hardware, and hardware based one-key self-destroy disk purge function. These are essential to Data Privacy and Data Security, especially for military grade Secure Erase, Enterprise secure data erase and disk disposal for solid state drives ...
World's First SSD with Remote Secure Erase and Self-Destroy
Waitan® announced its StellaHunter™series solid state drives ( SSD ) with its proprietary design of executing military secure erase or self-destruction or both via various types of remote control and commanding methods, which are essential to prevent information leaks for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other unmanned systems...
 Waitan launch the world's largest mSATA SSDs
December 2, 2014. Waitan launched the world's largest mSATA SSD with capacity up to 500GB. With size less than a credit card, the mSATA has thickness only 3mm to 5mm ...
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