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StellaHunter Series Applications Examples

Military & Defense Computers
East Asia, for defense, marines, UAVs and special forces to use in outdoor rugged notebooks data storage and military software operation panel. It endures harsh environment, and can be added with special features such as hardware data encryption and military secure erase methods to provide security and confidentiality.

 Aviation & Aerospace Systems
In small satellites and space stations operation, data are collected and images & videos are captured and saved, and then they are transmitted to the ground via high-speed real-time computing and transmission systems. The systems equipped with SSDs are in full compliance with the ultra-high stability, superior read speed, ultra-low-mass volume demand for cutting-edge technology, confidential industry to achieve a high-quality storage possible.
 Prediction & Recovery Systems
A renowned supplier of telecommunications technology and location based services for efficient data backup and restore. It requires data storage with guaranteed safety, fast and available for multi-terminals. Low-maintenance nature of Waitan SSD based storage systems saves more mutual aid disaster recovery costs, and improves ease of processing information and reaction speed.
 Customized Military Computer Systems
For customized military and defense computing storage systems. It requires ruggedness and being able to operate in extreme hard environment with high humidity, heavy dust, heavy mud, high vibration and shock, extremely wide operating temperate, special form factors, special capacitors and other special features such as hardware based encryption, write protect and military secure erases, through Waitan's customized design and production.
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