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WaveHunter Applications Examples

Massive Computing Systems
Gansu, an industrial and mining enterprise in Gansu Province, uses 48TB capacity PCIe SSDs for mass data computing system for mining real-time video surveillance and image storage.

Bank and Stock Exchange Servers
A securities business department data exchange center in Shenzhen, used for stable high-speed mass data concurrent reads, writes, and video streamings.
Enterprise Servers & Computers
Large state-owned commercial banks use Waitan SAS and PCIe SSDs solutions to optimize backup architecture, enhance the backup performance and improve availability of big data searching and exchanges. Thanks to parallel processing of multiple streams of data enabled in PCIe and SAS SSDs, the bank users now have achieved multiple versions of the backup data, and created easy to handle offsite data disaster recovery under complex application environments.
Custom Enterprise Servers & Terminals
Brazil's large national grid company deployed Waitan's customized 16TB ultra-small size of data terminals, which greatly enhances the speed and reliability of backup and recovery, global duplication. It provides full support for heterogeneous platforms and seamless integration of existing infrastructure. Due to ultra high speed of IOPS, the Waitan's solution helps to save 30x of disk space, with more focused on a remote backup and disaster recovery.
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