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Feedback 3 - StellaHunter series SSDs for flight black boxes


I am the chief electrical architect for multi-purpose helicopters. The selection of rugged storage unit for in-flight data records (black boxes) made my headache for a long time. We has spent a lot of time on researching and evaluating all kinds of aircraft black boxes. After comparing several major black box suppliers, we finally  chose one supplier. But the storage of their product was burned at the test phase of the equipment. That really made our R&D Dept. anxious, and we had to look for the a new rugged solid state drive as the storage unit for the black box.

It was not easy to find the right SSDs for us though there were many domestic SSD manufacturers; especially the rugged embedded SSDs, which only few can provide. But their products are not the right size and cannot reach the operating temperature requirements of -55°C ~ 95°C and 30,000 meters altitude. Then a new employee of our department introduced a company that can provide customers customized embedded storage of solid-state hard drive: Waitan.

Then I contacted Waitan and talked to their technical director about the required size and harsh performance requirements of the embedded SSDs for black boxes. Surprisingly, they promised a month later, to provide products to our tests. In fact, they spend only 22 days to provide the test product to us, and through our technology department of flight simulation test for 3 weeks, the testing results are fully compatible with the requirements of black boxes. Later we recommended Waitan SSDs to the black box manufacturer, specifically the configuration of Waitan embedded SSDs in the black box which we purchased. Now Waitan is our technology partner for rugged solid state storage solutions.


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