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Feedback 1- DustHunter series 2.5" SATA for rugged laptops


I was a company purchaser. Our company produced special purpose rugged laptops. We are happy that we are now using Waitan's rugged 512GB SSDs. In the beginning, we used another brand SSD from Asia, but later, we found some disks cannot be restored after error writing; even the original bad blocks cannot be restored. The worst part was that we found that the SSD would not work anymore when the errors appeared two times, so it seriously delayed our progress of the project.

I found Waitan solid state disk on the website, and contacted their engineers for SSD related issues, and then invited him to our company for on-site technical analysis. By checking our equipment worksite of production line, he explained the reason of the error for us specifically and professionally. So, I began to understand the product features and parameters of Waitan SSD, finally suggested that our company bought small quantity of Waitan SSD for qualification testing and prototype building.

After two months, all of our field engineers and operators are very surprised. We had benchmarked the work environment and system the same as when we tested the other Asia brand SSD. After repeatedly tested for the total period of 20 cycles, near 100 times, the test of bad blocks all passed, and there is no incremental error. Therefore, we decided to use Waitan SSDs for production through to date. The reliable performance of Waitan SSD makes our work easier and happier.

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