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Feedback 1 :
I was a company purchaser. Our company produced special purpose rugged laptops. We are happy that we are now using Waitan's rugged 512GB SSDs. In the beginning, we used another brand SSD from Asia, but later, we found some disks cannot be restored after error writing; even the original bad blocks cannot be restored. The worst part was that we found that the SSD would not work anymore when the errors appeared two times, so it seriously delayed our progress of the project ...


Feedback 2 :
Our oilfields need large capacity SSDs for the Computer Monitoring System of drilling platform. I was the project leader. At that time, I could not find any SSDs which met our requirements. In the open market, the largest SSD capacity available is 1TB ...


Feedback 3 :

I am the chief electrical architect for multi-purpose helicopters. The selection of rugged storage unit for in-flight data records (black boxes) made my headache for a long time. We has spent a lot of time on researching and evaluating all kinds of aircraft black boxes. After comparing several major black box suppliers, we finally  chose one supplier. But the storage of their product was burned at the test phase of the equipment. That really made our R&D Dept. anxious, and we had to look for the a new rugged solid state drive as the storage unit for the black box...

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